Our Founding Story

Orzala Beauty's journey started with Edris Naseri, who brought saffron secrets from Afghanistan to the US. Inspired by family traditions, he aimed to empower women, employing 90% female saffron harvesters. With his partner Rowan Foley's artistic touch and friend Sebastian Zelger's support, they shaped a brand that epitomized saffron's essence. Crafting skincare on American soil, Orzala's clean creams promise a natural glow for women. This tale is one of heritage, partnership, and a commitment to simple, radiant beauty.

Our Skincare

Our products are meticulously infused with the finest saffron, carefully sourced from our family-owned farms in Afghanistan. Saffron, also known as the world's most expensive spice, is recognized for its potent antioxidant properties. It plays a pivotal role in addressing diverse skincare concerns, such as anti-aging, acne, skin brightening, pigmentation, and pore visibility. Our saffron-enriched formulations provide a holistic solution for radiant and youthful skin. Starting at the source, our Grade-A saffron undergoes a journey from our Afghan farms to our state-of-the-art laboratory in New Jersey, USA. Here, it harmoniously blends with top-tier ingredients in an all-natural, organic, and clean formulation.


Our Well-Being Rituals

Recognizing the connection between skin and overall health, we firmly believe that skincare plays a crucial role in comprehensive well-being, encompassing the body, mind, and emotions. Our skincare blends are foundational elements for an extended well-being approach that aligns with the psyche and engages all five senses. This approach nurtures a harmonious link, bridging from skin to soul.


Our Promise

Our commitment remains resolute: to seamlessly unite the domains of skin and soul. The skin, a remarkable organ that shepherds individuals through life's voyage, remains the focal point of our conscientious approach. We artfully depict and discourse upon the skin, with a profound reverence for its vitality as an organ, while adamantly avoiding the perpetuation of injurious beauty ideals. We are firmly phasing out the utilization of "normal" as a categorization for skin, acknowledging that quintessentially skin is, in some manner, aberrant. By assimilating age-old rituals that have enriched lives for over three millennia, these time-honored practices will be seamlessly interwoven into our modern approach, ushering in a harmonious amalgamation of tradition and innovation. Lastly, we pledge to consistently portray the skin authentically, exulting in its diverse manifestations at every juncture of life and cherishing its multifarious and captivating nuances.


Our First Gift: Almost Gold Saffron Moisturizer

Saffron, a cherished spice since ancient times, has transcended culinary delights to become a skincare treasure. Its historical use dates back to civilizations like the Egyptians and Greeks, valuing its skin-enhancing qualities. This vibrant spice, laden with antioxidants, soothes inflammation, exfoliates, and unveils radiant skin. Ayurveda and other ancient practices revered saffron for improving tone and complexion. Modern research confirms its ability to boost collagen and elasticity. From Cleopatra to today, saffron remains an enduring skincare legacy, bridging tradition and science for a naturally vibrant allure.


Our Purpose

Unveil the luminosity of Saffron-Enhanced Skincare while endorsing our mission to empower women globally, especially in regions facing geographical adversities. Our journey begins at our very own farm in Afghanistan, where we proudly employ 90% women in a safe and supportive environment, and our vision extends beyond horizons. recognizing that true beauty emanates from within, we are committed to ensuring accessible, quality education for all.