Saffron For Mind, Soul and Body

Mind, Soul & Body

“Saffron is most well-known and well-researched for its positive effects on mood,” some research suggests that saffron may help stave off depression.


A 2019 medical review that included nine studies of the effect of saffron on mild to moderate depression found that the spice had a “significant effect” on reducing the severity of depression. 

Another 2019 medical review found that saffron was comparable to SSRIs, the first-line treatment for depression. Researchers found that pharmacological doses of saffron, in dried, extract, and encapsulated forms, seem to regulate neurotransmitters, including serotonin, the same neurotransmitter that SSRIs aim to increase in the brain.


Orzala Beauty are onto something with their skincare routine. In general, spending this concentrated time with loved ones pursuing hobbies and enjoyable activities is linked to greater levels of happiness, according to a study published in May 2018 in the journal Psychological Science. In a time when it may feel as if you’re too close for comfort with the other members of your household, you can carve out meaningful time together that will bolster your sense of personal satisfaction and family bond.  

Dr. Ilyas has seen this play out in her life, too. “One key step to this process lately for me is sharing this routine with my teenage kids,” she says. “I find that at this time, with less direct social interaction, spending my self-care time with my kids is so much more effective in achieving the ultimate goal of self-care — a balance of physical and mental well-being,” she says.

You can make this a fun experience for everyone, too. There’s no need to purchase a case of new products. Instead, focus on those that you already have at home that you love. Or, you can hunt for some skin-friendly ingredients in your pantry for a DIY mask, like Saffron Oil, mashed avocado, or a milk compress and turn this into a fun, bonding event.